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niellexoxo By niellexoxo Updated Dec 22, 2015

Love is pain.

Love is joy.

Love hurts.

That_Crazy_Kid_ That_Crazy_Kid_ Jul 04, 2016
I kind of hate this book but I love it, like I'm confused and sad
pizza_lover_4 pizza_lover_4 May 09, 2016
Can I help you get " rid " of him .... More than happy too ...  I mean I might end up in prison , but it's all good
pizza_lover_4 pizza_lover_4 May 09, 2016
Dear Lord , please take the wheel before I pop Malik's ass .
1-800-allyy 1-800-allyy Aug 22, 2016
GURRRRRLLLL nuh uh he can't fûck wid u, he needs u as much as u need him. honey…he aint worth the tears ok boo
zaynthrowback zaynthrowback Jun 26, 2016
You liar, be selfish, it's only a matter of time before he raises his hand at Zoey as well
pizza_lover_4 pizza_lover_4 May 09, 2016
Imma need someone to hold my hoops , bout to jump into this fic and have a little " talk " with this motherfucker Mr. Malik