Scared, Potter?

Scared, Potter?

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Ivy Daugherty By authorintraining01 Completed

Bonjour! This is a short story I thought of. 

All of the previous year's seventh years are returning to Hogwarts as  'Eighth Years'. 

That's all I got for the description... I'm terrible at descriptions. All well... Au Revior!

Your's truly,
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Oh my gods Will😍😍😍 what are you doing here without Jem?
Aww why not potter u afraid ur boyfriend will rape u or somthing?~(I'm joking XD pfffttttt I don't have a dirty mind... .3.
Once I was texting one of my guy friends and it changed thing to thong. And another time it changed "you ate dinner in your bathing suit?" To "you are dinner in your bathing suit.." Which was mortifying
graymk9652 graymk9652 Mar 09
                              I feel like I connect with Tessa.
authorintraining01 authorintraining01 Apr 19, 2016
Sorry about spelling the killing curse wrong... My tablet must have auto corrected it without my knowing...