My Kitten [l.r.h] DISCONTINUED

My Kitten [l.r.h] DISCONTINUED

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-.DaddyAF.- By MissHemmings28 Updated Aug 05, 2016

Who knew I'd have these type of feelings towards my best friend's Fiance?

"She's going to find out, Luke. I-I can't-"

"I said, call me daddy. She's not going to find out, my kitten."


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If you steal my idea, I'll find out where you live and whip your ass :-)

I would've ignored her and be rude to her fiancé like bitch im not bout to be the third wheel TF next time:when you invite me somewhere and your fiancé is there im coming in my own car end of discussion
Yaaaassss finally someone who understands Yaass👏puhleaseee👏oh👏my👏God👏
JetBlackImpala JetBlackImpala Mar 11, 2016
Abigail Breslin!
                              Aka.....Michaels ex girlfriend🙃🗡⚔🔪
AmberGravesW AmberGravesW Dec 20, 2016
You ain't gonna get no one with that shitty excuse for a full face of makeup
taco_catt taco_catt Mar 05, 2016
Idk why but these colors make me think as if someone had a sëx room or something 😂😂
coconutsharky coconutsharky Mar 22, 2016
when i was 12 i coloured my hair pink when i was with my cousins in Finland. My mother basically disowned me 😂😂 #noragrets