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I said what I said By S1mplyAmaz1ng23 Updated Feb 08

Hello, I'm making this book for myself an my colored bad gals out there. We don't get much recognition with the boys whatsoever. So let's throw away those books with the "Blonde hair blue eyes", the only Blonde hair an blue eyes here is Niall, and bring in the melanin!

This book is heavily influenced with music. Mainly Pop, R&B, Hip Hop. So there will probably be a lot of clips of music. Also I really like using polyvore so there will usua be an outfit with some chapters that involve a theme.[unless I feel lazy]

*kinda slow updates (varies on ideas and schedule)*

#MelaninRules #Melanin1DFans 

I love ya'll

ocean_blue_dream10 ocean_blue_dream10 Oct 26, 2016
DO I LOOK LIKE SOME DAMN FRIED CHICKEN NO SO I NEED YOU TO TAKE IT *three tongue clicks* 3 notches down
Everyone else is like yasss but I'm just here like Liam is too innocent for this
baddestxrican baddestxrican Nov 27, 2016
If a person ask me that I'm Finna become an Olympic runner
                              The flash 
ZaddyLou ZaddyLou Dec 24, 2016
I love you for this book......im a black girl who just wants to marry one of THESE white men dammit!
Am I the only one who imagined that Lilly Singh was there were just with her glasses down and she pretends to be her parents
Bitch have you ever heard of STRANGER DANGER!!!!!! Your parents didn't love you enough apparently  didn't love you...