TVD and TO imagines

TVD and TO imagines

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charlie_fry1504 By charlie_fry1504 Updated Sep 21, 2015

Damon- you were walking to go see your friends when you bumped into someone. As you looked up to apologise you saw the most amazing eyes you had ever seen as you realised you were steering at him you quickly look the other way but you soon looked at him again when he ask wht you were doing out so late . as you tryed to find a reply he gave u a small piece of paper and as u went to look at him he was gone u opened the paper and written on it said " I would love to see you again some time hers my number ......................
Ring me "

Stefan- you were walking around in school when you bumped Into someone and dropped all your books being the clumsy person you are as you went to pick up your history book your hand touch an other hand making you jump as you looked to see who it was you realised  it was Stefan the most handsome boy in your school as you both stood up Stefan ask for your name " my name is y

nice to meet you. thanks for helping me with my books  you didn't have to do that...

Ayyeepeaches Ayyeepeaches Mar 23, 2017
He ripped someone's heart out for me 😍😍😍 *swooning*
Ayyeepeaches Ayyeepeaches Mar 23, 2017
Cooking for thanksging "hey sweet potato can you pass the salt, thank you my little yam"
biiiiiiiiiiiiitchh biiiiiiiiiiiiitchh Jun 12, 2017
So... when we're out kicking a$$ I'm called "my bada$$ babe" and when we're listening to music I'm called "Brendon UrCute"... not mad at it
Lilly_angel101 Lilly_angel101 Jul 01, 2017
... Klaus you have no friends really they are just sired or compelled
lunar_crystal lunar_crystal Jul 18, 2017
I don't know why but if i ever wanted a boy friend ( never hahaha loner life XD) id want him to call me love not . Bae . Boo . Sweetie . Etc idk i guess too muck klaus had effected meh brain XD
lookindesc lookindesc Jun 21, 2016
I Would Just recommend checking Grammar but Beside that I love It