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Every Yandere out there [Yandere! Male X oc] Lemon one-shots

Every Yandere out there [Yandere! Male X oc] Lemon one-shots

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RinaRomantic By RinaRomantic Updated Jan 05

This is going to be a random Yandere Series where I place a Oc of mine in a scenario where she'll have to worry about a male going Yandere on her. Whether she knows the male or not, she will have to pick to accept the male as is or find a way out of it. The animies/Games I will do are the following, and yes you may request one for me to write. And I just want to place this out there that some of these may be rape. I don't support people being raped so don't call me cold hearted for placing my character through it -.-
Attack On Titan- [I'll Only write about Levi or Jean No one else]
Black Butler-[ Grell, Ronald, Sebastian and Ciel are the only ones I'll write]
Soul eater- [ Death the kid only]
Diabolik Lovers- [This is a free for all, I can write about all of the Sakamaki brother, Mukami brothers or Carla and Shin ^^]
Hetalia- [England, Romano, Prussia and their 2p's plus 2pItaly, 2p!Japan and 2p! America]
One piece- [Sanji, Zolo and Ace]
Death note- [ Either L or Light]
Final Fantasy VII- [Cloud, Reno or Genesis]
Kingdom hearts- [Zexion, Luxord, Marluxia, Riku, Sora and Demyx]
Naruto- [Sasori, Deidara, hidan, and Kiba]
FNAF- [Bonnie & foxy for now are the only two I'll do]
Vocaliod-[ Kaito [ Or any version of him meaning: Taito, Akaito..ect.]
Dance With Devils- [Any of the males from this anime]
Yugioh DM-Bakura, Seto, Marik, or Duke Devilin
Yugioh gx: Jaden Yuki, Aster Phoenix, Zane Trucedale, Chazz Princeton or Jesse Anderson
Yugioh 5d's: Jack Atlas, Yusei fudo, Primo, Crow Hogan 
And that's all I'll do for now. Ask questions if anyone wants to know anything ^^"

BloodRoseTyler BloodRoseTyler Sep 23, 2016
Could you possibly do Karma Akabane off of assassination classroom
rosebirdlo rosebirdlo Jan 08, 2016
You write the most romantic lemons evaar!!
                              I mean other lemon stories are like:
                              -hey you!
                              -who, me?
                              -yeah you, *checking me out* I got an idea....
                              -let's fnçķ!
                              - k.