One Spark Starts a Fire

One Spark Starts a Fire

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Mia is a typical nerd, who is painfully shy. You can't even drop a pen without her being startled, her timid nature has no place in the world of reality and so she indulges herself in books.   

Every day at school whenever she was free, she would go to the school's library and just read through as many books as she can.  

But one day, she found a book with no cover but the title of "A Secret Admirer's diary."   

Curious, Mia opened the first page and read the first line   

"In that split second you caught my eye, I was convinced love at first sight was real"  

Mia may be bashful but she damn well loves a good mystery, she is determined to find out who wrote this book. Even if it means overcoming her shy personality

nikitaxox21 nikitaxox21 Sep 15
Me either girl :"( I hate showing my body I'm super super super duper self conscious
Amy_Ng10551 Amy_Ng10551 Aug 14
>.> holy crap, how shy are you... I would yell at the teacher " HERE" tsk does she function
TVDDessire TVDDessire Nov 20
So good I'm reading it a SECOND TIME. This has never happened!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽❤️
My eyes are almost black and my hair is black and my skin is light brown and everything about me is soo plain
I do this all the time then people around me tell the teacher I'm here and I tell them thank you
Me except I have black hair and dark brown eyes, but I'm not shy at all