Friend Reunion » Theo Raeken

Friend Reunion » Theo Raeken

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simone-1998 By simone-1998 Updated May 23, 2016

"You left me. One day you were gone. For no reason. Without explanation. Even without note telling me that you are okay. You left me just with my memories that slowly faded. No, Theo, I don't trust you. Actually I don't even know if I will EVER be able to trust you again."

Kenzie Ramsey struggled with supernatural alongside Scott and Stiles since Scott was bitten. They were like brothers to her, always trying to protect her and keep her as far away from supernatural as possible. What they didn't know is that Kenzie is supernatural herself. She didn't know either till the Alpha pack tried to kill her. Kali's claws almost slit her throat when Kenzie, scared for her life, just stretched out her hand and threw Kali across the room. Later her sister told her that their whole family is full of fairies as crazy as it sounds. She hoped nothing is going to ruin their senior year. But then her old friend Theo appears all of a sudden and she doesn't know whether to trust him and restore their strong friendship from childhood or trust her instincts and stay away from him.

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Season 5. 
Also I am sorry for any grammtical errors, English is not my native language.

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Scott: The forgiving and patient parent
                              Stiles: The overprotective tough parent