Neji Lemon

Neji Lemon

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This was requested,

Forgive me if it sounds horrible.

"Neji! W-What are you doing?" You gasped, startled as he started unbuttoning your shirt.

"I'm going to have my way with you." He lowered his head, so that his lips nearly touched your ear, he whispered sensually as you shivered. "I'm going to make sure, you stay as only mine. No one else's."

Ripping through the buttons on your shirt, he started grasping your breasts. You gasped at the sudden touch from him. 

"So nice..." He muttered to himself, as he gave your breasts another squeeze. You blushed, and lightly moaned when he put one of your nipples in his mouth. He sucked on it, lightly biting on it, liking the way you made sounds for this small treatment. He then switched to the other one, doing the same action.

Pulling himself away from you, Neji stared at your body, loving all your curves, as well as your plumb breasts. His lavender eyes connected with your (colour) eyes, staring at your slightly panting form.

He s...

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Nightshade-Quinn Nightshade-Quinn Sep 20, 2017
Is it wrong for me to read these in class instead of listening to the teacher ramble on about angles in Geometry
wolf_luna101 wolf_luna101 Jul 16, 2017
Ok I thought I was the only one that thinks neji would say that
fire_like_ice fire_like_ice Dec 09, 2017
okay, you can have me and I can touch your hair. Easy compromise
Just as i read this the song say my name just came on, on my brothers phone
xXRiverDreamXx xXRiverDreamXx Nov 27, 2017
I don't have buttons on my shirt... Oh, okay. I will just go with the flow ^^'
CrystalNelson044 CrystalNelson044 May 07, 2017
G- girl! Where are your hands? at least cover your lady bits with your hands!😦