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Ninjago Oneshots

Ninjago Oneshots

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딸기 우유 (서울 나비) By WinterHoneybee Updated Oct 13, 2016

Requests will always be open for those who seek it~

Angel_TruSkaiMaster Angel_TruSkaiMaster Dec 29, 2016
Angel: Well my name is Angel, okay? *Jay facepalms knowing that he would never have known that* Jay: Well you really are one. Angel: Flirty flirt huh? *Flies away from Jay* Jay: What?
FreddyFaz-990 FreddyFaz-990 Jan 18, 2016
can chu do a second  part of Hunter (Cole X Reader) PLSSSSSS
LloydGarmadon10 LloydGarmadon10 Jan 07, 2016
If you're able to, can you do:
                              1. Lloyd X Jay
                              2. Master!Morro X Slave!Lloyd
bluespottedelephant bluespottedelephant Nov 12, 2015
could you do a Lloyd and Chasen and they like meet each other at a click book store and she is seacretly Lloyd's biggest fan
sugaasweet sugaasweet Sep 01, 2015
How about another love triangle which is Lloyd x reader x Kai? If you need a story plot tell me....
ninja2girl2 ninja2girl2 Aug 15, 2015
Can you do a Cole x Reader ? Here's how the plot will go. the reader and Cole has been best friends ever since there were kids. Kai has been hanging around with the reader lately and Cole gets a little jealous.. that's all I got xp