I'm not perfect- Adopted by Phan FanFic

I'm not perfect- Adopted by Phan FanFic

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I'm not perfect. I self harm, I'm bullied, and I don't have friends. I'm an orphan. My parents died in a bank robbery when I was 1 and I lived with my Nana for a year. She died of old age and I was sent to a foster home. I was there from age 2 through 12. Then two men, Dan Howell and Phil Lester aka my favourite YouTubers, came to adopt. They saved me. And they just keep doing it?

Completed February 1st 2016

Second Book- Perfectly Imperfect
Third Book- The Perfect Moment



I get called emo for listening to panic or tøp even thoigh i look nothing liek a steryotypical "emo" is
                              Literally i wear either colour or white, jeans and wear almost not makeup XD
OddAndEvie OddAndEvie Jul 18
1. Dan is yes
                              2. Phil is yes
                              3. Mark is yes
                              4. Jack is yes
                              5. Jacksfilms says Onision is scary
                              6. FINALLY SOMEONE MENTIONS MATT
                              7. Shane is yes, I have It Gets Worse
The title of this book is the first three lines to "not so perfect" by johhnie guilbert
blxrryfxced blxrryfxced Jul 31
No offence, but I really don't like Onision. People get annoyed at me for being "butthurt" or "over reacting" or telling me that it's all "just a joke". And I understand that. I just think that it's gone a bit far now.