Queen & Knight (Completed)

Queen & Knight (Completed)

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Mickey By mikaelanay Completed

Queens are meant for Kings. It's some unsaid, universal rule.

Just like every other girl, Kiera Queen wants a Knight for herself but to her horror, she gets the arrogant Bryson Knight. 

She hates him. 

But he is intrigued by her. 

And as time passes, she realizes that he has more to him than just a shining armor. 

But...you can't forget that fate has always been a downright bitch...

Includes six more couples, heart flipping romance, knee-slapping humor and shocking twists along with some action.

Contains mild swearing. Read at your own risk. 
Cover by @crystallize-. She's amazing.

Rowyourboat101 Rowyourboat101 Dec 29, 2016
The first girl who spoke about how she knows she is beautiful. Evolution is happening guys
AlZa___ AlZa___ Dec 06, 2016
ahhhh...no, i ship mathan with taylor...they already seems cuties...i mean come on, kierra is reserved for bryson, the guy that is yet to enter in this book.
onmymindandpaper onmymindandpaper Dec 31, 2016
My cousin's dog bit my whole finger and I thought it was gonna come of. All I wanted was to pet the dog even tho my cousin warned me that the dog is dangerous to strangers. I've never worshipped my fingers more
CobaltBlue00 CobaltBlue00 Dec 30, 2016
 #rr some books should just be read once but this one... Bruh needs to be waaayy more
Hearts_Rain Hearts_Rain Dec 30, 2016
I barely remember yesterday, and you're telling me you remember when you were TWO?! 😂😂
Chill_Fam Chill_Fam Dec 22, 2016
Aweee they only punish those who are cruel to other....😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥