Lucy's Tears

Lucy's Tears

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Long story short Fairy tails One-and- only Lucy left fairy tail for reason that breaks her heart. After a year, she finally comes back to Magnolia. You would expect her to have a happy reunion with fairy tail, right? Well,  they do meet, but two things make this very different from a happy family reunion. Lucy isn't Lucy anymore. Her personality hasn't changed, just her name and the amount of power she holds. The second thing is when there reuniting it isn't for fun and games, it's a deep heart wrenching and viscous job that all of Magnolia has teamed up to stop. 
One thing is for certain in this story, many tears are to come. But what emotions lies behind these said tears? But, what about Lucy's Tears? Do they lie a deep emotion that will soon let out?
Find out!

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It may seem like it in the first few chapters, but please, give my story a chance, you won't regret it.
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Loriacent Loriacent Nov 18
I love dis song one of my favourite nightstep and nightcore songs
I live your story and just wanna say that your nightcore I have on my phone and u have a good taste in music. Safe and sound was my fav until I listened to Wolf in sheep's clothing.
Omg I love this song well the original but I still love the remix