Look up at the stars

Look up at the stars

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JustADreamer2 By JustADreamer2 Updated Dec 25, 2015

11 years ago ~

Stevie and Ally had been best friends since they were two years old and they had been inseparable since they moved to the same neighborhood.

"Ally" Stevie called looking around her back garden for Ally who was hiding from her.

"Ally, I will find you eventually" Stevie shouted even louder. She heard a giggle come from behind her, she turned round to see Ally who was standing in the middle of the garden staring at Stevie.

"Found you" Stevie said as she laughed and ran towards Ally. Ally started running away again. 

"Yeah but you can't catch me" Ally said as she ran around Stevies garden laughing. Stevie caught up with Ally and tackled her to the ground. Both girls lay there laughing at eachother.

"I'll race you to the fort" Ally said getting up to run towards her and Stevie's fort that they made in the garden. It looked like a small tent but they called it their special fort.

They both raced eachother to their fort and hid themselves inside it. "I win" Ally said nud...

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