Story of a Tomboy

Story of a Tomboy

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Sandra Campbell, a girl who loves football more than anything, eats more than guys, and can fight anyone who comes at her, is a tomboy. That's what her friends call her but she never accepts it.

"playing with a ball does not make me a boy!''
"what about eating more than grown men, wearing boyish clothes and never doing anything totally does Sandra"

she does all the things every other teenager does but when it comes to boys....nah 
"too much drama"
that was until John Wilson, an unbelievably handsome boy who is somewhat interested in Sandra, joins the school, and changes Sandra's opinion.

she is torn between love and the reality of her past which is the only thing holding her back.
she can't repeat what happened the last time she fell in love.

Secrets will be revealed
Hearts would be broken
People would leave

But will Sandra let go of the past and live in the moment while it lasts or will she let her unpleasant memories keep nagging at her?
Will she be able to forgive?
Will she be able to forget?

This story is basically on an untold love
A secret crush kind of

AND! This story is definitely VERY cliche 

Thank you so much for reading, i hope you like this book and whoever is reading this, have an amazing day!

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steven8g steven8g Apr 01
Lol I say 'man' like a lot of times and my friends scold me saying they are 'women'. This is definitely relatable.
HanaKanji HanaKanji Jan 03
Why can't I look like the girl??? Why is it that the description of the guy matches me exactly and the girl is nothing close!!! Seriously!! No wonder so many people think I'm a boy.....
Kaida_Hatake Kaida_Hatake Dec 10, 2017
when you're a tomboy so when you read a tomboy story you know it's gonna be good
Jessie_min Jessie_min Aug 10, 2017
This is so me I'm creeped out, I always wear black, I love wearing sneakers specially, I like pancakes and I'm called a tomboy ( i am one) and I also wear braces 😐😐😐😐
ShindellRoss0 ShindellRoss0 Feb 26, 2017
You can have your own car at sixteen well in canada idk bout the other country's
InnocentlittleRebel_ InnocentlittleRebel_ Oct 03, 2016
How old is the girl?  Wait what age did her Bro do his driving licence?  Also do he can buy a car at his age buy driving it at age 16 no he can't