Mated To Jasper

Mated To Jasper

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"You son of a bitch have you any idea what you've done?!" I yelled in his disgustingly sexy face once I entered his office in the pack house.

Jasper's head tilted up to face me and removed his glasses from his face, gently resting them on the desk.
"What have I done Synn?"

I wanted nothing more at the moment but to swipe my claws across his face and remove that annoying signature smirk of his but I also knew I didn't have it in me to do so. Damn mate bond.

"You ruined my relationship!" I yelled at him and I saw his jaw clench.
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I'm not gay but if you're hot you're hot I'll even flirt with you 🤣🤣😏 got my self in a situation once and I had to haul ass out real fast Jersey girls don't play.😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💜
Damn I'm barely 5'4 been praying god give a growth spurt but I've been stuck since I was 16😣
meckymeck meckymeck Mar 13, 2016
I'm loving how she's 6'1 and is lesbian..or maybe bi? It would so be a twist if she's still a lesbian but because of the mate bond/pull loves her mate.
kikiLuv16 kikiLuv16 Aug 07, 2016
*sips out drink* 14!??? 17!???. 😱😱i don't have a child. but I'll be d*amned if I let my child be with a 17 year old at the age of 14.
S-T-O-P-I-T S-T-O-P-I-T Jul 07, 2016
Girlfriend girlfriend or friend girlfriend, just asking, I have nothing wrong with the first one
Outlaw_Tattoo Outlaw_Tattoo Jun 12, 2016
Ah, fúck. 
                              Ruby, why?
                              Why are you so goddamn hot? I mean, my heart cannot handle it.