New Life Online: Battle Against The Strongest Book I

New Life Online: Battle Against The Strongest Book I

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Aries Kim By scythus Completed

Aries and his parents got involved in an accident, and he fell into a coma but his parents didn't survive.  After three years, he awoke from it. New Life Online was introduced to him by his friends, almost as if it was calling out to his current situation. A new adventure together with his friends awaits!

The main story for book one is about his adventure and meeting the strongest players of New Life Online in the Tournament.

It may not appeal to everyone but I hope you at least check it out! Have fun!
Please note: English is not my native language and I update daily so please excuse any grammatical errors. Votes are much appreciated. Also, this is my first time writing a story so please be gentle.
All the pictures I used in my story are not mine. :)

Animeblu327 Animeblu327 Nov 12
Damn tho I felt like you shot own SAO bro. But its OK everyone has their preferences. I think the slight similarities make it way more easy to understand the story. I'm looking forward to seeing how this ends
rockroff rockroff Nov 13
What are the chances that she is there.. its been 3 years. Does she live next to his brother?
Blackcrow17 Blackcrow17 Oct 15
It's like SAO but this is a lot like log horizon and some other things
I read legendary moonlight sculpture, its good what do you read it on
scythus scythus Oct 24
@TheSupremePotato For some reason, I can't see the comment you posted your reply to but can you tell me the point you guys are talking about? :)
This guy knows the right things to say at the right times.
                              Note the sarcasm..