Harry Potter Randomness [Book 1]

Harry Potter Randomness [Book 1]

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Hey potterheads,
In this book, you'll see:

#1 Facts
#2 Movies' Mistakes
#3 Deleted scenes/Behind the scenes
#4 jokes
#5 quotes, different sentences, and other random stuff about Harry Potter

And if you haven't read or seen Harry Potter, you'll never know love, or friendship... And I feel sorry for you

Mischief Managed! ⚯͛

I'm just going to say: My mischief will never be managed. And I hate being muggle.
NyoAmericanHero NyoAmericanHero Dec 28, 2016
I am an intelligent Slytherin W.I.T,  2nd year at Hogwarts,  if you would like to address me formally, use thus
YAY                             M I S C H I E F     M A N A G E D!!!!!!!
bgussie bgussie Jan 14
I have that shirt an my Potterhead friend has a Mischief Managed one
cutiee3409 cutiee3409 Dec 30, 2016
I'm a 4 year Slytherdor and best friends with Gred and Forge
Please read "Ronnie's Songs". It's written by a friend. ☺️