College Life

College Life

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Seraphina Rivera By SeraphinaRivera Completed

Jesse Jackson is lost and hopeless in his own little world. His mind is full of dark secrets about his past, about the person he lost. That one night changed his whole life. It made him who he is today; An arrogant, clueless jerk who doesn't care about anyone but himself. 

His life suddenly changes when he stumbles upon Rayne, another lost soul after his own mother disowned him for being gay.

From that moment on, it's all a cluttered war inside his head as he finds out new things about himself that he has never realized before. And it's all thanks to this mysterious boy, Rayne.


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Janya_1602 Janya_1602 4 days ago
Yall really getting into yall feelings over that? Come on now would yall have liked it better if she said African-American? No if she would've said was he white it wouldn't have been a problem
ryhnh_ ryhnh_ Mar 02
I could feel it it's Niall!!
                              I will imagine him as Niall!
                              No one can say nothing else or you should have to fight me!!
I feel really bad because the only reason I'm here is because my middle name is Rayne.
Slin131488 Slin131488 17 hours ago
Girls don't have a choice. When being harassed and put down and being treated as sexual objects do you honestly think that we are going to just sit back and let boys walk all over us?
Zachsilver26 Zachsilver26 3 days ago
Yeah, yeah! Disinfect the car for both of you (you and the other one you call 'fag") to have a clean and disinfected sex hahahahahahahahahahaha ops
kalli2205 kalli2205 Mar 09
I lost it while reading the tags 😂 srly I laugh at it for 5 minutes straight