Chamille Rhodes has had it rough, and nothing will ever be the same again once she's gotten her letter from Hogwarts. 
    From meeting Tom Marvolo Riddle in their first year to falling completely in love with him in their seventh, learning to deal with her faults and his and finding out what true pain and heartbreak really feels like, she rides the hell out of the roller coaster of life.
    [Okay, seriously my last 'description' was so inaccurate, and this isn't much better. if you have a better one, send it my way.]
I think it's the Slytherin in me, but I'd find her constant crying super annoying/awkward :P
@InternetJunkie for the Title (I know you asked for the description but idk that i suck at those) : His Life ( A Tom Riddle story)
I love how you put this as the prologue (of sorts), its really great.
This storyline seems so amazing, I bet i'll love this story c:
Awesome names, awesome story line, I could go on! Err... I'm glad you can still find the hope to write :) . Stay strong! Never give up ( on ither, story or life :) Loooove it :)
Oh, and I don't mind if you take a long time to upload, it's worth waiting for!!