Let Her Go (Mark Tuan FanFic)

Let Her Go (Mark Tuan FanFic)

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Crystal Park (Also known as park Soohyun) is a bold and confident highschool student that decided at a very young age to live with her aunt in america. With a not so exciting life and a friend or 2 she gets on with her life other than the occasional troubles of girls who don't know how to mind thier own business, she doesn't care and prefers turning a blind eye to their attitude, crystal works at a café in downtown LA part time and she's 17.

Crystal happens to run into someone she would usually run into when she's at her friends place, and they so happened to start something that would have a lot of ups and downs and maybe even a life at risk after a shit day at school and a weird 180° twist in her relationship with her current boyfriend. 

Read through crystal's life and watch as she gives up a lot and makes a shit ton of weird decisions that lead to good and sometimes.. Bad things happening.

Started: 11/8/15
Ended: 5/9/17 

Book 2- •Hold Her Tight•

[Under editing]

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please don't tell me there's smut in a few chapters...i got enough smut for today!
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