Knight and Doll (OHSHC)(Boyxboy)

Knight and Doll (OHSHC)(Boyxboy)

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QWilliamSikes By QWilliamSikes Updated Mar 15

He was a rich aristocrat, body so small and delicate, he was referred to as a doll.

He was a loyal protector, tall and strong, known as the 'wild type'.

He was broken, physically and mentally, shunned by family.

He was kind, inner rules strong, surrounded by friends.

Can the quiet giant of the Host Club help the broken doll?

Or will he remain broken and eventually be shattered?

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I'm rereading this for like the thousandth time XD
                              Love this book<3
omg, i get nauseated with many smells, and Perfume and Smoke are two of 'em
invaliantly invaliantly Feb 07, 2016
Lol my skin's so sensitive I can't even wear motherfucking perfume
klever_kim klever_kim Jan 24
Uh oh looks like we have an anorexic character. Wonder if that's on purpose or writer doesn't know that 98 pounds is anorexic for 5'3 male.
asking_the_killer asking_the_killer Apr 10, 2016
I get nauseous from the smell of blood so i dont understand somethings and i have a high pain tolerance 😊
OtakuPrincess1 OtakuPrincess1 Jun 10, 2016
Is that Mei Misaki from Another lol it's her from another universe!! I had to lol