Angel of Music (Uta No Prince Sama Fanfic)  •UnderEditing•  •OnGoing•

Angel of Music (Uta No Prince Sama Fanfic) •UnderEditing• •OnGoing•

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Icey_AnimeGirl By Icey_AnimeGirl Updated Mar 28

It all started with a girl, named Yuki, Tsuki Yuki. 

A girl with the voice of an angel.

One day Yuki receives a phone call from no other then the one and only Mr. Shining Saotome. He forcefully scouted her to come and join at the Master Course with STARISH , their composer Nanami, and Quartet Night.

What happens when Yuki joins the master court with them?
Will she ever feel the happy pulse at all?

(Pairings: Various X Oc)


(Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, except Tsuki Yuki and her family. Please enjoy my book. Have fun reading~ ^^)

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Dark the paragraph above and you'll know what I mean.......
Does she look like the person on the cover i would love if you had cat ears on xD
I finally read your story!! You are such a good writer🌟🌟🌟
I read oh ho ho ho as ohonhonhon and i was immediatly thinking of france (hetalia btw )
I͙ w͙o͙u͙l͙d͙ t͙o͙t͙a͙l͙l͙y͙ v͙o͙t͙e͙ f͙o͙r͙ h͙e͙r͙