Smut-Sebaciel- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Smut-Sebaciel- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Cielbastian By Cielbastian Updated Sep 16, 2015

-Hi to whoever is reading this. I am taking my smut writing to a different style so this story might be long so enjoy ❤~


<<Ciel's, POV>>

I wake up to my butlers face hovering above mine. "What are you doing?" I ask. All he does is plaster that fake smile onto his face and back away. He finally speaks and says, "Ciel, today is a special day so you should expect something special to happen". I think for a second to try to figure out the special day and almost instantly realize that it is my birthday. I put a huge smile on my face which many know rarely happens. "Ah it seems my young lord is especially happy today". I instantly reply with, "And I have every right to be. Now Sebastian, can you help me get my pants on? I still dont understand how they work but I do know you are a master at it" the butler only replies with a nod and a smile. As Sebastian puts on my pants he tells me all who is coming to the party. "First off I in...

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forever_an_otaku forever_an_otaku Jul 16, 2017
Everyone's saying 'what the fūck Ciel' and I'm sitting here like 'what the fūck Claude? Why the bloody hell would you rape Alois?!'
sarcasm_is_my_kink sarcasm_is_my_kink Apr 21, 2017
No why is this a ship alois literally said at one point that he wanted to chop ciels soul up and feed it to the spiders of alois's mansion
DemonsAngel55 DemonsAngel55 Apr 02, 2017
.....I thought this was a sebaciel.... (Check's tittle) WHAT THE H*LL!!!
Carl_1x01_8x09 Carl_1x01_8x09 Apr 18, 2017
*loads shotgun at claude* call the winchesters. We gotta demon to kill.
tastytear tastytear Aug 30, 2017
i've choosen this story because of the smiley in the title who's absolutely beautiful
___trash____ ___trash____ Jul 01, 2017
the bad thing here is even though Claude did some shít, I still like him a lot anyways :')