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Smut-Sebaciel- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Smut-Sebaciel- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Cielbastian By Cielbastian Updated Sep 16, 2015

-Hi to whoever is reading this. I am taking my smut writing to a different style so this story might be long so enjoy ❤~


<<Ciel's, POV>>

I wake up to my butlers face hovering above mine. "What are you doing?" I ask. All he does is plaster that fake smile onto his face and back away. He finally speaks and says, "Ciel, today is a special day so you should expect something special to happen". I think for a second to try to figure out the special day and almost instantly realize that it is my birthday. I put a huge smile on my face which many know rarely happens. "Ah it seems my young lord is especially happy today". I instantly reply with, "And I have every right to be. Now Sebastian, can you help me get my pants on? I still dont understand how they work but I do know you are a master at it" the butler only replies with a nod and a smile. As Sebastian puts on my pants he tells me all who is coming to the party. "First off I in...

Everyone's saying 'what the fūck Ciel' and I'm sitting here like 'what the fūck Claude? Why the bloody hell would you rape Alois?!'
No why is this a ship alois literally said at one point that he wanted to chop ciels soul up and feed it to the spiders of alois's mansion
.....I thought this was a sebaciel.... (Check's tittle) WHAT THE H*LL!!!
*loads shotgun at claude* call the winchesters. We gotta demon to kill.
the bad thing here is even though Claude did some shít, I still like him a lot anyways :')
kawii_demon kawii_demon Mar 24
Sebby is only good at taking your pants off while giving you a hard on at te same time.