Diabolik CRACK maybe One shots

Diabolik CRACK maybe One shots

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I only own the cover and the readers. I do not own Diabolik Lovers or anything but the things I said.

I know I update very slow.... So slow.... 

What is up in this guud shit consist of the following:

               -Dank Memes(not really)
               -A/N(a lotttttt)

Anyways please request :)

Guud bye
(Good bye :))))

If I was you... He will have no balls to rape another girls ....
AllyzaChua AllyzaChua Nov 18
Wow are you my long lost sibling? cus I really hate dress and make up too (im boyish)
Minxella101 Minxella101 Nov 29
Tbh I would be like "bish, bye." I ain't talking to him, Ima pack my things and go somewhere else :P
AllyzaChua AllyzaChua Nov 18
Neh I'll just brutaly murder him no big deal life have problems you can escape but on the bright side if your smart enough you can solve it (hahaha I just got bored my mind keep making words I do not know😛)
I'm going to pretend I have on black ripped skinny jeans dark blue crop top black leather jacket and black combat boots
- - Jul 29
I don't think it's right to say their names. People might get it the wrong way and starts to bully/shame them.