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A and E (Karma x Reader)

A and E (Karma x Reader)

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meme master By panda-sempai Completed

First story :3
Karma x Reader, only this time, reader is in A class :P

I don't own anything other than the plot.

Brendon_Bae Brendon_Bae Aug 21, 2016
My name Jazzy Kunakorn (that literally my last name cuz my dad is Thai
daddymutsumi daddymutsumi May 06, 2016
Karma should show me the way to innocence because that's loooong gone for me
ProFangirl-- ProFangirl-- Jun 12, 2016
I feel like the love rivals are Asano and Itona....possibly nagisa too....BUT WHO KNOWS MAYBE THERE ARENT ANY LOVE RIVALS
nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Jul 18, 2016
I need help.. I started this anime today, I'm in episode 13!! XD
MooMooIshAlive MooMooIshAlive Sep 19, 2016
The way to where? 
                              Anderson: *cough* *cough* TO HIS DIK *cough* *cough*
                              This is why you're my friend. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
NiNjaElf NiNjaElf Aug 24, 2016
As cute as that is, students not in 3-E aren't allowed in mountain. At least I think..?