An Alphas Bodyguard (lesbian stories) (girlxgirl) REWRITING

An Alphas Bodyguard (lesbian stories) (girlxgirl) REWRITING

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Artemis Fowl By Artemis717 Completed

My leaders, 'The Supernatural Council' gave me the name Alvira during my first days after birth. From that day on that's what i go by and who I am. They trained me in combat, weaponry, and in killing since I was 7. All of this had a purpose, it's meant for me to protect an Alpha requesting bodyguard services. The Hunters obtained new weaponry that is able to make killing werewolves and even Alphas easier, which led to my kinds creation. All of my species were genetically created to be gay, so we have no relations with who we get put with, but things happen and it did for me.
I am one of many, a genetically engineered hybrid, both werewolf and vampire. My species DNA is one of the most complex out of all supernaturals. Now that I reached 18, any alpha can obtain my services. I have no say in who I go with, I only live to protect the alpha's and their pack with my life. Although I'm immune to the Hunters new poisonous weaponry I'm not immune to the damage it can cause.One of the good qualities is at least I'm as powerful as any Alpha, Hell I have two links within  me, Vampire and of course Werewolf. I was just informed a request for my services has arrived at the council, My only thought is how long until I die protecting this alpha.


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Artemis717 Artemis717 Jul 24, 2016
Im editing each chapter of my story one by one and making it better because I wrote this when I younger and I want you all to get the best out of it, thanks,
VtrCst VtrCst Feb 07, 2016
Now that's an all time's first setting in the genre
                              great idea ;)
gemini2272 gemini2272 Aug 21, 2016
Awesome... there`s hope in the first chapter for the protector.. nice
catalina1001 catalina1001 Dec 20, 2016
Oh dang, walk in and they've already found each other. Huh that's refreshing
snoop_doggy7 snoop_doggy7 Jul 24, 2016
I already like it. In usually into werewolves but there were no gxg stories.
stephninaknight stephninaknight Jan 23, 2016
Ohhh....very good beginning. And her name as well. Let's see how the bodyguard reacts