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Pen Your Pride
Ruby X sapphire (love is who we are)

Ruby X sapphire (love is who we are)

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<3_Snow_ Quartz_<3 By kimmybearstar2000 Updated Oct 02, 2015

Garnet's P.O.V 

I wake up feeling really weird then I remember what happened with pearl I felt angry thinking about it so I just got up and was gonna go for a walk to cool down a little it was 6am I look over to Stevens loft area and see him sound asleep but pearl is no where to be found cause she normaly watches him sleep I shrug it off cause I started getting angry again so I walk out and decided to walk the boredwalk I was just having a good time walking when I heard a voice in my head say "AREN'T YOU THE LEAST BIT UPSET!" then I heard another in respond "now ruby we must forgive pearl she is our friend." I realise ruby and sapphire are fighting so I decide to walk back.
*Time skip*
As I walk threw the door I see pearl and Steven pearl ran up and said "Garner hi good morning uh I have been looking for peridot she's got to be out there somewhere right?" I really did want to answer but I felt angry again so I just walked off when I heard "I'm sorry" coming from pearl it stopped me de...

Summersunfun692 Summersunfun692 Jul 22, 2017
R.I.P Grammar
                              I can't really picture it as Garnet cause Garnet doesn't really talk like that srry
stormdusk123 stormdusk123 Jul 29, 2016
im an internal flame baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robokitty77 Robokitty77 Nov 25, 2016
Girl, please use some punctuation! Grammar shapes our lives. For the good of humanity, please use it properly.
Raptor8600 Raptor8600 Jul 15, 2016
Is it possible to ship people who are already technically in a relationship?
amtgurly amtgurly May 15, 2016
sorry about being picky on the quotes but 
                              *i'm completely engulfed
Skylamilner Skylamilner Feb 04, 2016
I'm tired as hell and I thought that said applause and then lady gaga popped into my head and it was scary