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To The Moon and Back [A Doctor Who fanfiction]

To The Moon and Back [A Doctor Who fanfiction]

12.6K Reads 382 Votes 19 Part Story
Emma Renaud By flyintentions Completed

When Mirabelle stepped into a mysterious blue box with a strange man she just met, she didn't know what to expect. She most definitely didn't expect the box to be a time-travelling spaceship, and the man to be a two-hearted alien. And after he asks if she wants to travel with him, she doesn't know what to say. She decides to go on one trip, and if she doesn't like it she can return to her ordinary life back home. But with each day the trip grows her feelings for the man do as well, and soon she isn't sure if she wants to go back.
Note: The story takes place in the Doctor's timeline after 'The Snowmen' and before 'The Bells of Saint John'

Brush I have an anxiety attack if someone looks at me let alone this 😂
How is the sonic detecting them, then? They are wood, after all.
He's being rather aggressive. I mean, Eleven is gentle and kind. He's very respectful, he wouldn't just shove her into the box, especially considering how scared and confused that would make her.
She is... Oddly comfortable with this man that she just randomly met in the park.  I mean, the things he's saying just scream "I'm crazy!" and she's already fine with teasing his bow tie?
She is just a kid. Like, a bigger kid, but still just a kid. Kinda young for her to be pressured into saving the Universe when she's obviously frightened, yes?
I mean, she's supposed to be joking, but everything she's saying is completely valid.