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Unattainable Love~ (Purple Guy/Vincent x reader)

Unattainable Love~ (Purple Guy/Vincent x reader)

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TigerFist_Fan By TigerFist_Fan Updated Sep 14, 2015

MR.WRONG SPINOFF; A Survivor's Guide to Deal with Pervs.
Like most stories involving this psycho, you're the new worker at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Your job is to work with the security guards and help make their lives easier. 
But right off the bat, you're paired up with a strange, flirty purple man who's made you his new target. 
He's creepy, he's secretive, and he says weird things. 
But unlike all those other stories, you are tough, disciplined, and level headed; not going to be falling for his flirtations so easily. 
You will try everything in your power to keep the purple guy away from you. 
You're playing hard to get, more than he realizes, and he accepts that challenge.
So, will you be able survive this job and have a plan to put that purple perv in his place once and for all? Or will he slowly drive you insane until you break?
The answer just might surprise you.

Rebornica's AU
(This story is taken place in modern day times. Will force some fandoms to be liked by the reader, sorry not sorry. This story is a very close replica of TiramiTANK's Quotev story "Mr. Wrong". Most of the story credit goes to her, so if you're curious for an alternate version of the story ((with actual romance)) then I suggest you check it out.)

FroxzBeat FroxzBeat Oct 25, 2016
By 'tour' you mean find a place where u can rape me? Then no get lost
- - Sep 23, 2016
You jerk!!
                              Why would you do that?! D:
                              Stupid reader!
Touch me again I'll fuckin kill you and tell the cops I'm on my period
jayjaylover jayjaylover Oct 16, 2016
Ma stomach is all twisted up and I feel sick but I'm a weirdo so I love the feeling
J_Cipher54321 J_Cipher54321 Nov 16, 2016
I don't have cats but I have parrots there about as demanding as cats but can bite off your finger 😂😂