Transformers x reader

Transformers x reader

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Rydragon03 By Rydragon03 Completed

OK this is my first x Reader so don't judge if it's not good, this one is mostly for girls but who cares.

Anyways in this you are the younger sister, of Optimus prime and Megatron let's be real. Being there little sister would not be easy, you'll just have to see what happens.

This is based off of the first Transformers movie. Enjoy.

Blaze_The_Predicon Blaze_The_Predicon Dec 23, 2016
Me: awesome I support! ;3
                              Frost: yeah I agree with Blaze, its awesome! :3
Wolf18127 Wolf18127 Dec 26, 2016
Someone get to the arctic fast I think ironhides burning even though he got no skin
Ambergalway2000 Ambergalway2000 Jul 28, 2016
Hahaha I would of slapped him cause glitch no one wakes me up during my recharge!
-emath- -emath- Aug 30, 2016
Oh ok, were going into space, to a planet I don't kno-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
littlebluephinix11 littlebluephinix11 Dec 20, 2016
                              Human (nickname ):CeCe
                              Transformer : Sparked  Psycho / Hell Spark 
Blazequakes Blazequakes Aug 29, 2016
I fine that funny asleep during space travel... that might not be the best idea