One More Descendant? Jay x Reader

One More Descendant? Jay x Reader

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Jay x Reader
~ from Disney Descendants ~

Never question what has been, 
For what was lost brings much chagrin.

A new story has just begun,
A new ending with a lost loved one. 

{{ i suck at descriptions, don't judge me for trying

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The cards ... the cards..the cards will tell...THE PAST , THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE AS WELL!!!
Her mom n him must love having bed tim fun if you know what i mean
mmmmmm nope,i m crazy i m going to sayi really liked the island of the losers and the childrend  of  those villains i was very disappointed
                              They really like bedtime, don't they? ;))))))))))
of my favorite  villains after ursula,malefic,scar and zira,captain hook
I would die if I had that many siblings. I only have one older sister, and I already want to shoot myself in the head!