Fairy Tail Worst Ships w/ Pictures

Fairy Tail Worst Ships w/ Pictures

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SueDragneel By SueDragneel Updated Aug 27

The worst ships of Fairy Tail!
Give me suggestions on who to do!!!

ALSO DISCLAIMER: Pls don't get offended by anything in this book, it is all for comedic purposes! I respect everyone's own personal opinions and I love you all!!!

I do not own Fairy Tail!
Only Hiro Mashima does!!!

Well, at least you don't hate Lisanna, I have to give you credit for that.
Okay so NaLu's my OTP, but Lisanna is still really nice so we really don't need to hate on her. Plus, in some of the episodes, she actually approves of NaLu....
Jewelclaws Jewelclaws Feb 21
Omg this book it soooooooo true! I look at all the ships in this book and I can come up with reasons for all of them! LONG LIVE NALU GRUVIA JERZA ect.! (aka all the main ships)
I think NaLi is adorable. :P Go NaLu psycho on me. Try me. XD
nerdsarefab nerdsarefab Aug 11
I mean..it was cute when they were little, but I ship NaLu more now
BloodRise45 BloodRise45 Oct 10
Is it me, or is that Happy is the only living thing that looks cute in this picture?