Fairy Tail Worst Ships w/ Pictures

Fairy Tail Worst Ships w/ Pictures

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SueDragneel By SueDragneel Updated Aug 27, 2016

The worst ships of Fairy Tail!
Give me suggestions on who to do!!!

ALSO DISCLAIMER: Pls don't get offended by anything in this book, it is all for comedic purposes! I respect everyone's own personal opinions and I love you all!!!

I do not own Fairy Tail!
Only Hiro Mashima does!!!

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RivalCrushAngel RivalCrushAngel Dec 20, 2017
                              I'm joking, but seriously 
                              Lisanna deserves better! NaLu fans need to stop shîtting on her personality. She is not a "demon that gets in the way of NaLu", she is much better than that. 😒
Nalu forever but I still like lissana 
                              Especially lisanna and bixslow
LEMISI LEMISI Dec 21, 2017
I personally dont like her not cause of nali shes just annoying
this book is the definition of why people have ship wars smh
The ship really had nothing going for them besides them playing husband and wife when they were little but beyond that lissana left all of them for years
I ship NaLu but I feel like  BixAnna is better than NaLi. I'm so sorry for those who ship NaLi so much but hey, everyone has their own opinions. 👍