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Zariahhhh By zariah_doll Completed

Troye Sivan is and always has been the innocent angel everyone makes him out to be, hence the nickname "Sugar". He has the tendency to open up and trust people too easily. He heads off to his first year of college and with that he gets lead into a world he never imagined existed.

Connor Franta is the "bad boy" for college, but when he is finally forced to open up to people or a certain someone will they find out that he is more than his title or worse than it. During all of this Connor just might do the one thing he swore he would never do again, fall in love.

There are some topics in this story that can be difficult for some people to read or may be slightly triggering. These topics include excessive drinking, abuse, etc.

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XxP3T3W3NTZxX XxP3T3W3NTZxX Apr 19, 2017
Trevor's all like ahh ooh bïtch I'd look better as a pastel
XxP3T3W3NTZxX XxP3T3W3NTZxX Apr 18, 2017
My thoughts went to Kian 
                              Then I'm like wait 
                              W H A T C O L O U R A R E K I A N ' S E Y E S
- - Jul 17, 2017
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Apr 15, 2017
Um who is u? Last time I checked Creamy Fratata had green eyes