secrets that I can't tell | Nalu

secrets that I can't tell | Nalu

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Book two from My Brother's best friends brother:

Five very long years have passed since the accident and Lucy slipping into the long coma which she still lays stuck in.

In those five years a lot has changed from graduating to engagements and universities.

Natsu Dragneel being the son of Igneel Dragneel and the only child who was willing to take over the dad's business
has stayed by Lucy's side along with his friends.

On one fateful day when everyone has lost all hope of her waking up and the plugs were going to a pulled. A miracle happens and Lucy is brought back to the land of the living but this time with many secrets that she is going to have to keep.

from Lisanna's secrets to her very own.

Natsu has his own secrets too. One's that he doesn't want to share.

The tables have turned and now it's Natsu's turn to win Lucy back but are these secrets so big that everything turns into another big accident?


If You Haven't Read The First Book I Recommend You Do.


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LacieStrauss LacieStrauss Jul 26, 2016
Oh my crap! I actually have watery eyes! I never get watery eyes! Good Job! Amazing!
Leah-Michelle Leah-Michelle Jun 25, 2016
It's been THAT long man. I think he was so used to nothing happening it slipped for a second then came back.
-sivanfeels -sivanfeels May 26, 2016
I just yelled and my parents are looking at me weirdly.. 😂
Sakiiki-Chan Sakiiki-Chan Jun 17, 2016
Hey, How you doing? Well I'm doing just fine, I lied, Im dying inside. Sorry... I just had to 😀
Leah-Michelle Leah-Michelle Jun 25, 2016
How did she know?!?!?! It creeps me out that a friend can know exactly what your thinking. It's kinda awesome too. But still creepy.
__thnks_fr_th_mmrs_ __thnks_fr_th_mmrs_ Mar 21, 2016
Lets Stay alone together yeah we can be young forever yeah scre it at the top of your lungs lung lungs say yeah