Dead Kerry (AMBWWM) *Hiatus*

Dead Kerry (AMBWWM) *Hiatus*

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L.B. Keen By LBKeen Updated Nov 10, 2017

A dark past can lead to a darker future...

Kerry didn't choose to see ghost, the ability chose her. Living the somewhat solitary life, as a waitress at a diner, and a shorty-story write for a horror magazine. Kerry's time is occupied solving the cases of those far gone. Under the nickname "Green" she sends in clues to lone forgotten cases. 

This maudlin existence continues, until she meets the eyes of dead Korean boy. Who just won't be put to rest. 

A dark future shrouded in mystery and chance...

Byron Jo, a Korean adoptee to a yakuza family is searching for the past he lost. Name, and occupation none withstanding he wants to know who his family is, even if that means going against his adoptive fathers wishes. When a young woman rescues him from a freak accident more than once, he starts to be suspicious of her intentions. And when it's revealed she may have a closer relationship to the dead then his thinks. He decides to use her to discover his past.

A dark secrete that ties three together....

Tony doesn't talk about his past, and he has a very good reason as to why he doesn't. It's painful and involved the body of a sixteen year old girl. Years later, he's now an FBI agent with a chip on his shoulder and been handed the mission of finding "Green" An operative that knows a little too much about cold cases. Intent on discovering who this person is, he finds himself staring into the dark, unreadable gaze of Kerry. Who seems to have more secretes than answers.

Welcome once LBK original land, and hold on for the ride.

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