My First Kiss Is With The Boy I Hate (RoWen)

My First Kiss Is With The Boy I Hate (RoWen)

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Romeo Conbolt is a player. When he asks Wendy Marvell out on a date, he excpects her to swoon and have hearts in her eyes and answer right away with a 'yes'. 

But Wendy, is the only girl who DOESN'T like him. Suddenly intrigued and attracted, he tries showing her that there is a different person on the inside.

Cause RoWen is my OTP ;3

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Fairy Tail or its characters, I only own the plot and my OC along with the 'different personalities' the characters have adopted. 


I hope purpleflaire is romeo
                              But the flaire nickname is kinda girly
Ooo, who is it? 
                              Am I a bad person for hoping it's Mest?
If thats mest its good because wendy is happy
                              If thats romeo thats great
Play boy but its ok you like wendy anyway and i dont like chelia
...Ahem. *stranger danger*.  And I'm pretty sure you shouldn't meet up with people you found on the internet.... BUUUUUUUT, this IS a fan fiction... so...
-FrostyGamer- -FrostyGamer- 2 days ago
Why fck u lyin~ Why u always lyin~ Mmm oh my god. STOP FCKING LYIN!