My First Kiss Is With The Boy I Hate (RoWen)

My First Kiss Is With The Boy I Hate (RoWen)

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Romeo Conbolt is a player. When he asks Wendy Marvell out on a date, he excpects her to swoon and have hearts in her eyes and answer right away with a 'yes'. 

But Wendy, is the only girl who DOESN'T like him. Suddenly intrigued and attracted, he tries showing her that there is a different person on the inside.

Cause RoWen is my OTP ;3

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Fairy Tail or its characters, I only own the plot and my OC along with the 'different personalities' the characters have adopted. 


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When i read the part that he said is this what love is
                              I remembered natsu saying
                              What is love?
                              Can i eat it?
GiselleGube GiselleGube Jul 27
Does anyone else think about miraculous ladybug when you read this?
I was gonna say "is it dragon mating season again 😝" but then I realized Romeo isn't a dragon slayer
I hope purpleflaire is romeo
                              But the flaire nickname is kinda girly
GamerCatPat GamerCatPat Oct 30
Doesnt Romeo use purple flames? Omg srsly they like each other online but not in real life
Wendy:ohhh shut up natsu *hits pan on his face*
                              Natsu:owwww *cries while eating*
                              Gajeel:haha badluck 
                              Wendy:you too *hits hot pan on his face*
                              Gajeel:it burns
                              Wendy:ohhh shut up *trips gajeel*
                              Gajeel:*stands up* aye mam