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All Pink Everything

All Pink Everything

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Lola Beverly Hills By lolabeverlyhills Completed

Seventeen-year-old high school junior, Imani Cooper, always knew that she was destined to one day be the leader of her clique, the Ghetto Barbies. Now that she holds the power in her hands, she thinks that some rules within the circle need to be changed. Not only for her own benefit but for Bunny, the first pledge that she has ever initiated into the sisterhood. She comes to realize that being the Head Barbie is a greater responsibility than she signed up for...and secretly wants out.

Her fellow sister, Latrice, is a senior, and not so happy that the founding Head Barbie has graduated and chosen a junior in her place. Imani has always been into herself, and now she is letting her role as Head Barbie get to her Barbie head. She is ruining everything they built, and Latrice is going to do everything she can to bring Imani down from the stallion she rode in on...and steal her boyfriend.

Candy is in her last year of high school as well, but after turning eighteen, her priorities are much too complex to worry about who is running the clique. Her main focus is on graduating. Not only will she never have to deal with her thirsty ex-boyfriend again, but she will be free to date her young and handsome teacher without breaking school policy. In his eyes, she is just one of his many students...but she is determined to prove him wrong.

Each of them has their secrets, but when betrayal comes from within the sisterhood, they find themselves grasping at the mercy of each other to keep those secrets hidden. Barbies are supposed to be all pink everything, but when they get caught up in their own greed, will their eyes be seeing too much red to keep their loyalty?

chiyjane chiyjane Mar 15
I want 4wends like dat too😃😃😃😃😃😎😎😎😎
chixfanfix chixfanfix Aug 01, 2016
She wouldn't have said that if she didn't get excepted thou 😂
christancho christancho Apr 03, 2016
i haven't read it yet but i know that i will love it already
illegalaliens illegalaliens Jul 10, 2016
I'm not reading this story i just saw the main characters name I started laughing cause I know a girl named Imani Hoover okay bye now
PinkFluffyBunny11 PinkFluffyBunny11 Mar 16, 2016
Are we seriously not allowed to curse?? Is that even legal??
JamaicanJaydee JamaicanJaydee Jan 14, 2016
@lolabeverlyhills What if they don't understand the curse words?