Abandoned [A MakoHaru Fic]

Abandoned [A MakoHaru Fic]

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Alicia ☆ By MakotoTachibae Completed

A MakoHaru Fanfic c:

After Rin is threatened by his Homophobic parents that he should either chose Haru or  Swim, the indecisive teenager ditches his boyfriend to continue his promising career as a competitive swimmer. This act leaves Haru torn and helpless. His heart was annihilated and with no support, Haru starts to lose his mind. That was until Makoto discovered the damage that had been done. That was when everything changed for Haru, he was no longer alone.

Makoto's kindness towards Haru sparked something within him; a tingling sensation that he couldn't pinpoint but he knew that this sensation was definitely more than just friendship...

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That hurts.
                              Oh well NEW SHIP! RINxSWIMMING HOLYYY SHITEU (im sorry I judt tried to lighten up the mood HAHAHA 😅😂)
Ok. Thats exactly how I felt when I first taste heartbroken. It's the first and the last time I felt that. After that, I didnt felt the pain with my 2nd & 3rd & now I'm single AF. Haha
You know it's ture love when a man loves you more than water
Don't worry haru my stupid ex broke up with me three days after my birthday and we had took him with us to eat and celebrate and we even bought him a cool wrist band from hot topics and as a thank you he dumped me
- - Jul 29
                              Bītch you stay away from Haruka or you're gonna get a converse to the face.