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Book 1 of the Seven Seas Series
Ren Monroe, the girl who had it all finds herself stranded in the middle of the ocean, only to be rescued by a creature she had only heard from fairy tales.

Kai, king of the Emerald Kingdom finds a strange girl floating above his kingdom. Taking her to a safe place, he helps her regain her strength, only to slowly fall in love with someone he did not expect.

(Warning: This story is unedited. So please forgive any mistakes that may pop up.)

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realvstrauss realvstrauss Aug 25, 2017
How has she been stranded for  134 days without water and her bones sticking out!
dioscuri01 dioscuri01 Mar 26, 2017
I'm going to memorize this in case I get stranded at sea. I'd definitely be the one to sing good ol' pirate tunes!!
dioscuri01 dioscuri01 Mar 26, 2017
Nice story line so far. Definitely liking the details, back-story is pretty satisfying. A little cliche, but a lot better than some books. I'm definitely going to read more.
At least she waited this long. I think if I would've seen my family's bodies in the water, I would've just died then.
KAWerts KAWerts Oct 29, 2016
How has she survived up to this point? How did she catch her last meal?
- - Nov 10, 2016
Interesting. How did she survive the plane crash, and what has she been eating the whole time? Still, I'm excited to see where you took this story. I'm also writing a story about mermaids and mermen, so I like to read stories from other writers too =)