Taehyung My Werewolf || Taehyung

Taehyung My Werewolf || Taehyung

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Yuri accidently meets Taehyung in the woods, while hiking with Sungjae. Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, Yuri and Taehyung sure does. I mean, I guess Taehyung already knew that they were "meant to be". But, Yuri also has a sister, Yura, who looks exactly like her--identical twins. 

So, is Taehyung actually meant to be with Yuri? Or did he find the wrong sister? 

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When the dude's too casual while only wearing his boxers. "Oh, yeah."
This is where tae pays sungjae to leave her alone with him while sungjae runs off to be with his girlfriend
If I was her I would go crazy shouting "A FREAKING WOLF FOLLOWED ME AND HE IS HOTTER THAN THE SUN" But I wasn't her and I will never meet someone as hot as the sun is. So—No.
Why you little dogie nah I don't mind you can even live with me puppy
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