Taehyung My Werewolf || Taehyung

Taehyung My Werewolf || Taehyung

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Yuri accidently meets Taehyung in the woods, while hiking with Sungjae. Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, Yuri and Taehyung sure does. I mean, I guess Taehyung already knew that they were "meant to be". But, Yuri also has a sister, Yura, who looks exactly like her--identical twins. 

So, is Taehyung actually meant to be with Yuri? Or did he find the wrong sister? 

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YunjiOh YunjiOh Jun 01
This is where tae pays sungjae to leave her alone with him while sungjae runs off to be with his girlfriend
If I was her I would go crazy shouting "A FREAKING WOLF FOLLOWED ME AND HE IS HOTTER THAN THE SUN" But I wasn't her and I will never meet someone as hot as the sun is. So—No.
Why you little dogie nah I don't mind you can even live with me puppy
YunjiOh YunjiOh Jun 01
- 4D alien
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                              - Byun Baekhyun and Jung Daehyun
yoonxi yoonxi Jun 08
you can hear me howling terribly in the distance with the rest of the bts members lmao