Blue; ☹ MGC| Español

Blue; ☹ MGC| Español

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mhmm ;-; By -InvxsibleSherlock Updated Nov 11, 2015

you sit alone everyday.
you listen to music too loud.
you scream but no one hears.
you read a different book every day.
you make the people smile.
you don't really care about what the people say.
you are different.
you don't want a lot of makeup and beautiful clothes.
you just want music and happines.
you don't want it all.
Girl, you are the only thing that i wish i be.

you travel around the world.
you are in a different city everyday.
you are living your dream with fluorescent lights.
many girls scream your name. everybody loves you.
they care about you.
Boy, you are everything I wanted.

La historia es totalmente en español. Gracias por leer.

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