Team 7

Team 7

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Deranne By Deranne Updated Nov 06

Unfortunately, I don't own Naruto
That is the only time I'm gonna say that

What if Sasuke was less emo, Sakura was not a fan girl and Naruto was smarter? What if they were best friends? What is that just acted how they did so they could be on the same team?  Poor Kakashi!! What would happen, how would the shinobi world be?  

Find out next time on Dragon Ball- never mind.

gibson1014 gibson1014 Aug 25
Was goin to make a Nara comment but about 20 other people already beat me to it lmfao
gibson1014 gibson1014 Aug 25
I just found this fic but I am already thinking of Naruto screaming 'Kamahamaha!' 😂
So adorable yes Sasuke is being a real kid not an emo that has duck hair
Wow I'm just reading all these comments and all they talk about is one topic: SASUKES FREAKIN HAIR.
DONT CRY! wow i usually refer to Naruto as nii~chan, but i would be 4 years old.....ohhhhh god im gonna act and talk like im four 4 nlw on
My opinion is that the villagers are stupid they don't understand that because the 9 tail fox was seals within Naruto they would all be dead. Also this all could of been avoid  if the hokage (the third ) didn't tell the Public then he would not be attacked and treated so bad