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From Outer Space

From Outer Space

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Giny By ChooseYourLife Updated Nov 29, 2016

Camila and Lauren have a long, long history together. They are tied to each other in more than one ways, which forces them to stay connected to each other. Lauren however, needs space to be able to fully get over her ex-girlfriend. But the fact that they are co-workers doesn't really help to provide that space. Maybe when Camila is in the International Space Station of NASA for research, will she have some time to fully get over her. Because how much more distance can you get, when one of you is in Outer Space?

i feel like i'm gonna hate myself after reading this BUT I HAVE FAITH IN THIS BOOK
Boonugget Boonugget Sep 09, 2016
Ok but that idea is so pretty fúcking dope.IM EXCITED ABOUT THE STORY!!! BRING IT ON
CamrenPLLTO CamrenPLLTO Feb 03
U poor children....u will all learn, all in good time my dears, all in good time ^
ohfxdge ohfxdge Aug 03, 2015
SO MANY QUESTIONS, GINY! i missed your writing so much, babyyy!