Tease (Dark & Wild Series III)

Tease (Dark & Wild Series III)

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"Angels and Demons, is there really a difference? The Devil didn't come from hell... He fell from the sky."

When V left, Charity wasn't sure how to feel. She figured it was for the best, considering he always kept her in the dark anyways and brought nothing but trouble into her life. But she couldn't ignore the pain that seemed to pierce through her at how he just left... without a single goodbye.

Then comes Jimin Park, the alluring and sweet new student who becomes her friend; distracting her from the unexplainable dreams that haunt her sleep-threatening to push her over the edge of sanity. There was something about Jimin that makes her heart race at a single look...at every touch. And Charity finds herself drowning in the depth of his gaze, making her fall for him completely. But just as she does, more mysteries arise and secrets are revealed as she discovers that there's more to Jimin than what meets the eye. 

There is danger in all things beautiful and as the Lunar Blue Moon approaches, Charity witnesses the perils that threaten her world... as well as the world of the Fallen's. 

The third installment of the Dark & Wild series takes you back to the mysterious world of Demons and Angels, showing us how our world is closer to theirs than what we initially thought. In this sequel to Crave, Charity finds out how far she would go to save a friend as she travels into the place where the living meets the dead... and where the past haunts the present. 

All the while, struggling to keep her feelings in check for a man who is neither here nor there... but somewhere in between.


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I still need to know what happened to Namjoon & Sam. I refuse to give up on them.
SlayQueen_McBoss SlayQueen_McBoss Jul 29, 2017
I'm creeping in it heart babe. 
                              Monster is so fitting for that last line
paradoxicalunicorn paradoxicalunicorn May 14, 2016
crying hard rn bc crave had hurt me so much that it hurts much more to read tease QAQ
beachjimin beachjimin Oct 09, 2015
I should've known. 0_0 But nah, never read the word 'small' so I never had a clue that it was Jimin
- - Sep 27, 2015
Wow. I didn't know your work was this amazing. I should have discovered this earlier