The Purple Iris

The Purple Iris

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Ashleigh Faucett By ohaiashleighnicole Completed

"- I'm Mr. Bostwick, your English teacher for this year."

"You are? How- what?"


Ashlyn Davis.

A competent, sensible teenage girl with high hopes of attending a grade- A university, majoring in journalism, then soon traveling the world on her own.

Until then, she has a bigger issue at hand: surviving her final year of high school.

Returning from her ten day suspension, she becomes reacquainted with her friends, new studies, and a particularly unfamiliar English teacher.

Mr. Bostwick.

Throughout the exhaustive school year, she strangely finds herself slowly falling for him, as he discovers similar feelings for Ashlyn.

But simultaneously, it seems too faulty to begin a relationship with a man that is known to others as a high school teacher.

Emotions pour out of the soul, hearts explode, and secrets are told; What would you do, if you loved your English teacher?

Copyright ©Ashleigh Merritt

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eternityinyourarms eternityinyourarms Jun 26, 2017
How is it your first fan fiction?! I've read it 4 times and it's still my favourite
irislover34 irislover34 Dec 16, 2015
I honestly want a hard copy of this so badly maybe you can and this to be so I can print it out
StxrrySuga StxrrySuga Aug 04, 2015
I've read this like 20+ times now. Not even joking. I read it during school, summer, winter, fall, spring, week, year, etc. idk I'm babbling but yep this story is just so good like omg
The_Perrie_Edwards The_Perrie_Edwards Dec 30, 2014
Reading this for the fourth time! I love this book so much! It's my favorite and a go to.
ohaiashleighnicole ohaiashleighnicole Apr 03, 2014
@musicislife46 I'm so sorry I've responded so late, omg. And ily! I think it's good for an author to stay in touch with their fans. c:
ohaiashleighnicole ohaiashleighnicole Aug 14, 2013
@BrianaLoves55 ooh yes. lol I have to change the author's note, though.