His Arms Around Me {An Everlark Fanfiction}

His Arms Around Me {An Everlark Fanfiction}

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anukahutcher By anukahutcher Updated Aug 18, 2016

When i wake up, everything in the room feels cold, i feel alone, empty, useless... i am at my house, in District 12, but there is no one with me, not even my mom. i miss her, i miss Gale, but mostly, i miss my little duck, my little sister who is dead... who is dead... who is DEAD... I cry and scream and kick the bed, i can't stop blaming myself for every death, i can't stop blaming myself that today, Annie's child does not have a father, i can't stop blaming myself that right now, Peeta is not here, and he is not even the real Peeta. i miss him, i miss his arms around me, i miss how he was comforting me, how he loved me, how... i can't, i really can't... sobs are coming from my throat and i can't stop crying... i am preparing for one more sleepless night...

In the morning, i feel like i want to be dead, i feel like that almost every day, but today is different, i really, REALLY want to be dead, my life lost it's sense after all of this.

Someone is knocking on the door and i find Gre...

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annabethsheadcanons annabethsheadcanons Jun 28, 2016
When you can already tell that this is gonna be a good fanfiction. Lol I've read like twenty Everlark fanfictions in the past two days
Winterrose02 Winterrose02 Oct 02, 2016
For a minute I thought it said "I will never love you again" I was like "WHAT?!?!?!?" But then I saw what it really said. 😋😋😋
                              It's all good now guys.