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Once Mine, Forever Mine

Once Mine, Forever Mine

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Devi Christine By itsdevichristine Updated Aug 20, 2016

Amanda Deinnt J'filts (Mandy) is just a teenage girl who lives in a small town name Clearest. She is 17. 
She lives with her parents and sister. Her sister's name is Mirenia Bizts J'flits (Anna) and she is 15. 
She doesn't like to partying or something like that. Her life is normal just like another untill one day.. She is being stalked by a creepy guy but she never seen the stalker's face. 
Her friend named Kellie, she said she had seen the stalker and she said that the stalkers a guy. After telling her that, Mandy has never seen her again. She dissapeared. 
The next say, Mandy got a paper and she read it. It says 
"dear my beautiful Mandy, I will kill everyone who's trying to find out about me and I don't the fuck care if the person is a guy or girl. Don't you dare to tell everyone. 
I want you to know, i love you Mandy, I don't want everyone to know about me, we'll be together soon baby, i love you. You can't escape me. You are mine and remember. Once Mine, Forever Mine

- M"

It's the person's job. It's obvious they will come up to you if you sit in the cafe...
cora_chan cora_chan 4 days ago
                              I just summed up my home in a sentence
Angie_514 Angie_514 Dec 20, 2016
It's a he or she coz you wrote he at the beginning of the sentence and she at the end
Queeennnnj Queeennnnj Jun 06, 2016
I really hate teenagers like this, like b*tch be glad you have a roof over your head and food to eat
Exo28110 Exo28110 Jan 21, 2016
I thought that he was gonna be creepy....but this sentence😍😍😍 starting to grow on me a little bit❤️
because5sosduh because5sosduh Dec 21, 2015
I know right how rude can you be? he was just doing his job so chill