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The Nerds Secret ((on Hold))

The Nerds Secret ((on Hold))

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XxDeletedDreamsxX By XxDeletedDreamsxX Updated Sep 08, 2017

"Everybody has a secret, just some keep it hidden better then others"
Alexis Holt is your not so average 17 year old teenager. With her mother dying at the age of 12 and her father becoming a drunken abusive father her life sucks. At school she is the shy nerd, A+ grades, loner but that's just a act. At night she is 'The Shadow' 1# street fighter, street racer and a gang leader of the second strongest gang in town. No one knows her secret life or the real her. 
Jake Night your not so average 18 year old teenager. Having rich parents who are never home and the popular 'Bad Boy' status at school he has every girl throwing themselves at him like meat but he doesn't date any of them and only talks to his group. One more thing, he is a gang leader of the strongest gang in town. 
What happens when these two get partnered up for a English project. Will they tell their secrets? Will they not do the project? Will they fall for each other? Or will both their story's come back to hurt them? 
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It should've been the other way I'm just gonna go with my mind
animefood109 animefood109 Dec 26, 2017
??? I dont know why to say dont take that as a bad thing but its not a good to be honest just forget what i said a keep going i can deal with flaws I've been dealing with them since birth just keep doing what you doing 👌😊😉
kstar313 kstar313 Jun 12, 2017
She is a freaking strret fighter. Why the hell won't she fight her father if he has been abusing her for 5 FREAKING YEARS??? Please tell me does that make any sence to you guys???
Maddiesb24 Maddiesb24 Apr 29, 2016
Her real hair should be brown. Not offensive or anything she'd just look a liiittle more badash
lipsycch101 lipsycch101 Jun 30, 2016
I'm not disregarding your story or saying they are copycat but I have one question for all you authors who are riding bad boy Romance books make it interesting you always make it into an English project make into a science project or something like that
gxniRoan gxniRoan Jun 22, 2016
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