Sesshomaru x Reader: A Change for the Love We Want #Wattys2016

Sesshomaru x Reader: A Change for the Love We Want #Wattys2016

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Hufflescout By Hufflescout Updated Dec 04, 2016

This is a story where the reader basically takes the place of Rin, although Rin will still be included in it. Naraku causes a lot of trouble and the storyline eventually will become darker. Everything will be explained. Hope you like it! Please tell me what you think in the comments and vote if you like it! 

WARNING: This story will be very, very, VERY long. It's largely based on the original story and show, not too many changes. Future content may/will be mature-themed.

I do not own InuYasha, any of its characters, the original script from the show, or the reader-chan, but I do own the idea for this story.

raeh733 raeh733 Sep 21, 2016
ALL MY LIFE.. she stood by me ( dont know the rest of the song)
JungKookies_and_Milk JungKookies_and_Milk May 30, 2016
I must have been adopted because I have very brown skin tone......
xXSugar_BabyXx21 xXSugar_BabyXx21 Jun 19, 2016
Amazing intro! Not gonna lie! I love how you used specific details for certain points of view! Continue the good work!
kadiewadia kadiewadia Dec 27, 2015
if I don't kill you all first *hops down well and reappears with a gun (any type) starts shooting said people*
kadiewadia kadiewadia Dec 27, 2015
but not before I kick the said guy where the sun don't shine
ChicaLemon ChicaLemon Dec 12, 2015
Gosh I love it! Please update soon it's awesome! There aren't sesshomaru fanfics that follow the original story line 😃